UPDATE : 2021/02/24

"Sake cups on the Seto Inlandsea" Design is based on the image of the rising sun of hope, the gentle sunset, and the full moon that brings good luck, floating in the Seto Inland Sea!! $45 (+ shipping) each

Enjoy a blissful time with only one Sake cup born in Japan!!

●Pour 3.4 ounces of the best sake.
●Soft to the touch and comfortable to hold.
●Formed with care that makes sake delicious.

This series has a gentle slope and thickness of the part that hits the mouth and a larger mouth too. Enjoy the aroma of Sake and feel good to the touch. Kanae makes every moment with the hope that everyone can enjoy sake deliciously.

All products are carefully handmade one by one from soft Japanese soil with plenty of minerals carefully selected by Kanae.

The natural feel of the ceramics fit comfortably in the the palm of your hand. And the softness and angle of the vessel as it touches the mouth provides a gentle and memorable sake taste and experience each time.


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Kanae was born and raised in Hiroshima prefecture, surrounded by the sea and greenery.
Largely influenced by nature, and the Seto Inland Sea, Kanae’s art read more like moving vessels than human-made works of art. “First I imagine the shape that dances a certain pulsating rhythm, which then extends to my hands and leads them to weave a form from the mound of clay before me," said Kanae.


Hiroshima city, Hiroshima prefecture




  • Sake cups on the Seto Inland Sea