“Ryusei Nagomi” Tokubetsu Junmai

UPDATE : 2021/04/19

This sake is a rich type of Sake that you can feel the sweetness of Koji rice even though it is drier side Sake.

You can enjoy it in a wide range of temperatures from cold to hot. This Sake is made from specific Sake rice "Hattan Nishiki" in Hiroshima Prefecture.
The first thing you will notice is the mellow aroma of rice that spreads and enhances the taste of the ingredients, and the sharp acid leads it with a pleasant finish.

Recommended Food Paring

Toro(fatty tuna)/ tuna/ lean fish

By layering the delicate flavor of fish,
A blissful pairing with a long-lasting finish is completed. When ingredients with a lot of amino acids and the amino acids of Sake are combined, the impression of taste is extended and the finish is comfortable. If you make warm Sake, the comfort will last forever.

Interview of Mr. Norihiro Fujii, 6th generation of Fujii Shuzo.


Alchol contents
Rice polishing ratio
65% (remaining)
Retail price
around $30-$35/720ml


Fujii Shuzo

Fujii shuzo was established In 1863 by their ancestor Zenshichi I in Takehara, geographical area with clean water, a place has estimated ideal for brewing Sake.
Takehara,Hiroshima prefecture standing in front of a calm sea Setouchi is a wonderful site which, in the past, has had its share of prosperity thanks to the salt production industry. Otherwise known as "Little Kyoto of Aki" (Aki, is the former name of the geographical area including Takehara), this site still retains an old-world landscape with its magnificent array of traditional houses and historic temples.
Takehara has such a pure aquatic resource that groundwater is still used as common as water. It also has a rich resource of seafood that has allowed him to create a rich cultural heritage of cuisine. For over 150 years we manufacture Sake with these benefits of Nature.

【Fujii family's Philoshy】
Sake is not made by humans, it is created by nature. Here is the basic concept of Fujii’s manufactruring.
Man strives to benefit the ower of nature to the fullest.
By deploying all the resources of our intelligence, it is closer to the creative force of nature.
That said, Fujii would like to present some key points of their traditional brewing sake.

1.All sake is Junmai type.
Sake is made exclusively by rice and yeast.

2.Complete fermentation: Maximize the power of life in nature
Complete fermentation is the process of converting the sugar in rice Koji into alcohol which continues to be active until the last moment when sake yeast finishes its mission. For complete fermentation, it is necessary to make koji, which is a nutrient source for sake yeast, and to perform careful work from the stage of processing the raw materials. The sake produced after complete fermentation has a mellow taste, a refreshing taste that you won't get tired of drinking, and a light aftertaste. We try to make sake by this complete fermentation regardless of the rank of sake.


Takehara city, Hiroshima prefecture