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I founded Rainbow Sake in 2013 with the aim of creating a bridge that could carry the soul of the Japanese to the world through experiencing Japanese culture – particularly sake, one of Japan’s national beverages.
I chose the rainbow as a symbol of what that bridge could become, something beautiful and full of color.

The company launched in the USA and Singapore and initially targeted the B2B market, where I focused on building direct relationships with Japan-friendly wholesalers, restaurants and retailers.

In May 2021 I created an online presence with the Rainbow Sake site, centered on sake, Japanese traditional crafts and fermented foods. The site contents reflect genuine demand from local consumers, gives them a space to communicate and contributes to the spread and acceptance of Japanese culture.

The site will provide information about sake and other traditional fermented foods, alongside Japanese traditional crafts, to support Yoko’s mission of promoting traditional Japanese products such as sake and ceramics, alongside newer ones such as fermented foods.