Message of CEO 代表取締役ご挨拶


Rainbow Sake INC. was founded on October 23, 2013.
I aim to be a bridge (rainbow) between two themes.
I entrusted that feeling to the company name.

1) To be a bridge that connects the smiles of people all over the world.
We will contribute to the health and peace of people by communicating the "Japanese mind" to the world through Japanese culture centered on sake.

2) To be a bridge that connects the traditional Japanese culture to future generations.
While increasing the value of the traditional Japanese culture, it will contribute to the important connection to future generations.
What I think of as the "Japanese mind" is a country that is all about harmony.

I think Japanese spiritual culture is a harmony of nature, peace and prayer.
Based on this spiritual culture, the traditional culture of sake and Japanese food has been spun over thousands of years of history.
The Japanese believe that "God dwells in all things," and have been lovingly praying for harmony.

For example, what is a bottle of miraculous water "Sake"?
It is the crystallization of "sincerity and technology" that our ancestors have been working hard to connect with, over thousands of years, while maintaining a worship of nature.

If you want to know Japanese culture such as sake, you will know the spiritual culture of the Japanese people, and you will also know the climate, nature, and people's livelihoods in the area where sake was made.

I would like as many people as possible to be interested in the traditional culture nurtured by the "Japanese mind." And as a result, I hope that the mindset of compassionate harmony with all living things will spread and become a harmonious earth.

Our mission is to connect the "respect for harmony" that our ancestors valued. We will give back our great gratitude to our ancestors in the form of business management of Rainbow Sake INC.

Yoko Suganami
Founder and Owner of Rainbow Sake Inc.

2013年10月23日、株式会社Rainbow Sakeを創業しました。










祖先が大切にした「和を尊ぶ心」を繋ぐことが、私の使命と捉えています。我々祖先への大いなる感謝の気持ちを、(株)Rrainbow Sake事業運営という形で恩返しをしていきます。

株式会社Rainbow Sake
代表取締役 菅波葉子